Ear Acupuncture


Ear acupuncture can be a very effective method for relieving acute pains and chronically stiff joints, sometimes these have been cured within minutes. For some problems it can be more effective than body acupuncture. Organ diseases and glandular disturbances may respond less dramatically, but ear needling will always be very  helpful as a supportive method with other forms of treatment. 

Can be used Auricular medicine or Ear acupuncture.
Auricular medicine is special small seeds taped on and Ear acupuncture used very small size of actual needle.  Both are easy and safe to apply self-treatment. Auricular medicine is much gentler and less pain than needle. 

The main disadvantage of ear acupuncture without point finder is the requirement to find the most painful spot for it to be fully effective, and this is not pleasant for people who are very sensitive to pain.  The best points are those that feel like an electric shock or like hitting a raw nerve! However, often the pain will  be felt as being beneficial, especially because it usually decreases with continued needling. This pain may be considered as 'letting off steam' or congestive energy from a target organ through the 'safety valve'  of an ear point.  However, chronically weak organs may also benefit from ear needling if no pain is felt in the corresponding ear point.  

Generally, however, you may follow the rule 'The more sore the point, the more effective the treatment’.


Rub the ear with a cotton bud soaked in methylated spirits (optional). Find the most tender spot in the appropriate reflex area of the ear by pressing with a toothpick or a similar probe.  Insert the needle to about 2 mm deep. It must not pass through the ear. Gently move it around to find the correct  depth and direction of the sorest spot. If it is very sore, do not move the needle.  When the pain subsides, start to twirl it gently between thumb and forefinger.  The less pain there is, the faster you may twirl the needle. If it is not sore any more, move the needle to a different angle and twirl, and in this way gradually work around in a circle. If all or most of the pain is worked out, withdraw the needle and select another point. If it was sorer in a particular direction, insert the needle at a point 1-2 mm away  from the first point in that direction and repeat the twirling and probing in different directions. Often the pain shifts around over a reflex area and you must insert the needle and work out the pain in several points  lying close together. For treating chronically weak body parts that do not have sore ear points, select the appropriate point or area from  the ear chart and twirl the needle rapidly. 

Ear Reflexes 

Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body as shown in the chart. Instead of using needles, you may press  the ear with the head of a pin, a toothpick, a matchstick or a fingernail. Treat the indicated organ points or wherever  there is a tender spot; press for a minute or more each day or whenever convenient.  In addition, it will be very stimulating to the whole body to massage both ears thoroughly by rubbing them between  thumb and index finger simultaneously. Massage daily. Pulling the ears at different angles is also beneficial. 

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